Love & Death on February 14: The St. Valentine’s Day Coin

Many are the tales of St. Valentine, the third-century priest martyred on February 14—what we now know as Valentine’s Day.

Records from that period of Roman history, the so-called Age of Chaos, are spotty, but this is what has been handed down to us: Continue reading

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Nigeria Turns 100

This month marks the centennial of the founding of the modern country of Nigeria. Here is a 5 naira note made of polymer, the currency material of the future:

For wholesale information on this remarkable note, click here.

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In the Name of God: When Islam and Christianity Clashed

This remarkable collection is a numismatic history of eight pivotal Holy Wars between the Muslims and the Christians.


Continue reading

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The (Pagan) Father of Christmas

Contrary to popular belief, the Father of Christmas was a pagan. This ancient bronze coin commemorates Aurelian, the man who determined the date of Christmas:

While it would avoid a lot of confusion if Jesus had been born in the year 1 AD, the truth is, no one knows when the First Noel actually happened. The consensus among historians is 3 BCE, which means that Christ was actually born three years Before Christ.

If we don’t know the year, we certainly don’t know the day. If the Gospels are to be believed, Jesus was probably a spring baby, as shepherds don’t keep watch over their flocks in the winter. And yet Christmas has been celebrated on December 25 for almost 18 centuries. How was that date decided on? Continue reading

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Nelson Mandela, RIP

The eyes of the world are turned toward South Africa, where anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela has died.

The 94-year-old revolutionary leader and former president of South Africa was honored by his government with a series of banknotes featuring his portrait, issued last year. Here is a 10 rand note:

For wholesale information on this remarkable issue, please contact us.

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